As-we-go Stripy Blanket

Untitled design (2)

Don’t you just love these colours! This was a super fun project that I just couldn’t put down! I literally finished this blanket in a week, because I suffer from …


and each row was a surprise and a delight!I was eager to move on to each new stitch, learning as I went. I think one night I may not have gone to bed until 2.30am.

A Pinterest groupie for colour inspiration, patterns and ideas I came accross the As-we-go Stripy Blanket by Hannah Davis. Hannah is a mental health professional who creates crochet tutorials; she published the pattern for the As-We-Go back in 2013 and it includes the easiest step-by-step instructions with photos that I’ve come across. You can find it here.

These neon brights I had in my stash were a total match in heaven for this pattern; like an oyster and a pearl, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Crochet, wine and Gossip Girl

In my haste to finish, I did accidently forget to count my stitches (something Hannah constantly reminded me to do numerous times and I failed to heed) so I did have to frog a quite a few rows. Lesson learnt, and my advice count your stitches 🙂

Frog (verb: to rip out stitches, when you discover a mistake in your crochet work, you “rip-it, rip-it”

This one just makes me wish for snugly days or nights to hibernate under a rainbow!

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